What is PictionUs?

PictionUs is a platform where your wedding party can come together and create collaborated photo albums from your special day. Everyone gets added to an album and can instantly upload photographs and videos with ease.


How Does It Work?

PictionUs is a photo sharing app tailored specifically for weddings. Purchase one wedding album, add an unlimited number of people you want to share it with, and they can upload all their photos and videos from your special day. Then, when your special occasion comes to an end you have all your guest’s memories of your day to sit down and enjoy.

In just 3 steps you and your guests will have access to lifelong memories:
1.    Your guests download the PictionUs app
2.    Your guests scan your provided unique QR code
3.    Your guests can start uploading photos and videos from the day

How do I purchase my wedding album?

At the wedding you'll have a photographer that you've gone over a checklist with, so you’ll be sure to have high quality photos. But, what about the bridal party and Hen and Stag parties? What about the candid photos on your wedding day? Using PictionUs you can easily collect the photos your friends and families have taken.





Download the PictionUs app on Apple or Google Play Store

Select the shopping cart icon at the bottom. Choose our Wedding Package album & fill in your details

Once your album’s created, we’ll provide you with a unique QR code

Customise your album and share your QR code with your guests to get quick and easy access

About PictionUs

It's all about creating memories with the people who mean the most to you. We keep all your wedding party's photos and videos from your special day organised in one album instead of them getting lost in camera rolls and social media.



We use a cloud-based system which is consistently backed up so rest assured that your images & videos are 100% safe and sound.


Stress Free

We all know the pressures around social media, at PictionUs we want to take that pressure away. No likes, no popularity contest, just good times.


Easy to Use

We've developed this app with solely you in mind. Being able to share you and your guests memories from your big day is our number one priority so we’ve made sure everything is nice and simple.

Our Mission

It's about romances, connections, sunsets, and sunrises. It’s about family, first steps, reunions, and reflections. You can smile at them, laugh at them, cry or reminisce over them, but you can't ignore them. They reflect on the good times and it’s these good times that have shaped us all into the people we are today. 


People of PictionUs

We love to see the memories you’re creating! Help us do so by tagging us @pictionus. or using our #pictionus. This can be a great reminder for your guests to upload their photos to your album and not just social media! 

Got a question or suggestion for how we can improve? Or just want to chat about how it works? Write to us and someone from our customer service team will answer you as soon as they can️ or you can contact us directly.

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