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5 wedding photo posing tips

1. Highlight genuine moments

Happy wedding couple dancing

This is our entire mission. It can be easy getting caught up trying to get the perfect shot with the perfect angles but it’s so important to capture those candid images. A great idea is to invite a friend or family member not involved in the official wedding pictures to stand on the side-lines and take some pictures on their phone. While you’re paying attention trying to get the perfect images for your wedding album, they can capture all those sweet, funny, candid shots that you can later look back on in your PictionUs album.

2. Stand tall

Bride in her wedding dress

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how quickly people can recoil and become awkward as soon as a camera comes out. Remind yourself to stand shoulder back which will not only make you look taller but will also highlights the most flattering curves and angles of your body.

A handy tip to help is to take a breath and hold it in when you’re taking the photo. This will automatically bring your shoulders up and back giving you a straighter posture.

3. Be confident

Bride posing on her wedding day

This is your day. Even if you’re not a lime-light lover, this day is about celebrating you and your other half so make sure you create pictures you want framed on your mantlepiece. Feeling confident will come across in your pose and in turn through your photos.

For example, to show off a long, graceful train or veil, if you turn your body away from the camera it’ll give a sense of quiet confidence as well as highlighting the shape of your figure as well as your gown.

It’s not a bad idea to practice your poses in the mirror before your wedding day. This’ll help you figure out what angles work best for you and help make you feel more in front of the camera.

4. Hands on

Wedding couple holding hands

Hands in photos can be a big giveaway to how your feeling, who knew!

Whether you’re lifting your bouquet or holding your partners hand, it will come across in your photos if you’re uncomfortable. Relaxed arms and wrists give out a chilled-out vibe, while a tighter grip or clenched hands will show your unease. Tip: bend their arms gently to leave small gaps that emphasize the angles of your body. Holding your bouquet with both hands in front of your body is great for this.

5. Eye contact

Wedding couple looking into each others eyes

Just like your hands, your eyes reveal even more emotion and can really capture a sense of connection in your wedding photos.

Your photographer will probably ask for the standard ‘stare directly into the camera’ shot but getting a picture of you staring into each other’s eyes is the money shot (this is where you need your confidence!)

If you want to capture all the pictures taken on you special day simply download the PictionUs app on Apple or Google Play store and purchase your digital wedding album today.

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