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6 wedding planning mistakes to avoid

I can’t f*****g believe I did that! We've taken 6 learnings away from wedding planning to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Mistake 1: Looking at venues before you’ve settled on your numbers

As Coldplay one said “as tears stream, down your face”. This is the biggest avenue to disappointment. Draw up your guest list, work out your budget and then align what venue works best for you so you can make sure your dream venue can to cater to your guestlist.

Mistake 2: Dropping money before you have drawn up a budget.

What is the most important thing to you? Ask yourself this question and try be as cut throat with your answers as possible. Once you know what's priority, you can allocate your budget accordingly. Buying the fun candy carts and sundry items early on may lead to you having to leave out something more important down the line. Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise!

Mistake 3: Doing everything yourself.

This can suck the joy out of planning. It can seem like a mountain you'll never get to the top of at times planning your dream wedding. Try to delegate, lean on those bridesmaids and your groomsmen. A problem shared is a problem halved. Ask for help.

Mistake 4: My mates friends aunties cousin.

Trust us, we've all heard this one. Your far out relative isn’t the best videographer. As much as we want to support others where we can, if you want the best results make sure hire the best people within your budget. Be strict with this one.

Mistake 5: Not hiring a Videographer.

This should be high on that priority list we talked about earlier - if you can afford one, get one. It’s the number one thing new couples regret not documenting after their wedding. If your budget allows, it’s worth it.

Mistake 6: Speeches after dinner.

This is something people tend to overlook. Previously, speeches at wedding took place after dinner. However, it is quite a nervous experience for those involved and getting them finished before dinner lets everyone relax and enjoy the meal. I know some people who couldn’t look at their dinner with nerves so if you can, plan the speeches before your dinner.

Mistake 7: Too much time between the ceremony and reception.

Trust us, nothing good can come of everyone in the place sinking 5 drinks before the meal. Keep the day moving! Allow a nice amount of downtime, but not too much, before people are seated when they arrive back from the ceremony.

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