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Bang!! He finally did it. Maned up, put a ring on it and now you're engaged... What do you do now?

First steps let your Instagram pic rack up 100’s of likes. Second, pour a solid glass of prosecco and kick back and soak it all in. This is the start of a new beginning and planning your wedding is something that can be daunting but the whole process MUST be enjoyed. The ancient term “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is the first thing you write on your planner. Like any massive job, it’s made a whole lot easier by simplifying and breaking down one big job into a number of smaller ones. Little deadlines, followed by glasses (bottles) of prosecco make the whole process super achievable and take the overwhelming edge away.

As a wise woman once said “start with the hard bits and the rest will be easy”, this wise woman was your mammy. With this in mind, over the next couple of posts we will be tackling some of the more difficult and stressful topics. We will hit you up with some handy tips around budgeting (as it is the number one thing that can overwhelm you), also we will be nailing down some epic tips on how to make the so-called boring legal bits into breathtaking memories.

It’s also time to assemble your most trusted allies, your bridesmaids are your rocks and they are fully in it with you. Choose these legends wisely and don’t be afraid to lean on them, they can lighten a load and can be there for you whether it’s a friendly pep talk or... Yep you guessed it, a glass of PROSECCO.

Like an episode of David Attenbourgh we will also be taking a look at the male species, they can be difficult and complex beings to grasp at the best of times. BUT Its super important to sit down with them and discuss what you both want the wedding to be. What’s your absolutes and absolute not’s. The words “I don’t mind, whatever you want” is a phrase a lot of you beautiful brides might know well, so hash it out with your other halves – do they want an intimate or large wedding? Share your wildest thoughts, your absolute dream and the most important bits to you.

Okay my little crew of legends, lets knuckle down and start planning this s**t.

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