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5 tips to take the perfect picture on your phone

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

1. You’ve been framed

Framing your picture will help take the perfect shot without having to adjust and crop afterwards. Thankfully it’s never been easier with grid options available on most smartphones. You can add these to your camera through camera settings. This will help you avoid capturing all that extra, empty space in the background (or your drunk Aunt) that you don’t want in the picture.

2. Zoom is over

Zoom is over, in more ways than one! Zooming in while taking a picture is a big no no. This will make your picture look distorted, fuzzy and pixelated. If you really want to capture something or someone far away, take the shot and crop after. This still probably won’t achieve the perfect photo so grab an actual camera if you have one.

3. Let there be light

Natural light is your best friend. Try get as much natural light into any photo you’re taking and it’ll be ten times better than without it. When taking the shot of an object or person, make sure the light is shining on them with the light behind you, not the other way around. Otherwise you’ll get a dark picture that nobody can make out.

If natural light isn’t an option, try find any other source of light rather than a smartphone flash. Their flashes can be quite unforgiving and more often than not someone blinks from the brightness. Try find some bright, but not too bright, indoor lights – bathrooms are usually a great place for a shameless selfie!

4. Ready, Steady, Click

The number one tip is to keep your hand steady. This might seem like a no brainer but you’d be surprised… a nifty trick is to place put your index finger and thumb in an L shape on both hands and sit your phone in between them. If you can rest your elbows on something even better. This simple change is much more effective than just holding either side of your phone – this creates more stability and therefore a steadier shot.

If your pictures are still over the place then it might be best to get yourself a tripod. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you can buy some pretty cheap mini table tripods online. Simply clip in your phone and away you go.

5. Set the scene

Smartphones can be overwhelming with constant updates and new features so it’s a good idea to take some time out to sit down with your camera settings and study them before any big occasion.

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