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Setting a budget

If it's too early for Processco when you're reading this, coffee is key today!

We're probably looking at one of the least romantic parts of your whole wedding planning experience, however it's one of the most important after the legal part. In this blog piece we're looking at budgeting, what’s essential, where to spend, where to save and where exactly all your money is going. Budgeting is critical to your wedding planning experience so it's one of the first things you need to set out and agree with your partner on.

It’s important to get your budget down on paper from the beginning as it gives you clarity on where you're going. (Sadly) most of us don’t have bottomless bank accounts, we're paying for our weddings with our hard earned money and maybe even taking out a loan to help get it across the line. The old tradition of family paying for the wedding is a thing of the past, albeit many families still contribute a small bit towards the big day. If your parents or your partner’s parents are willing to help out it’s important to try and chat to them early and see what they want to contribute. This can be a bit of an awkward situation, so maybe down the line see if they would want to pick up one of the tabs such as flowers, dresses or even the band rather than putting a number on it.

Once you have a rough estimate of how much you can afford to spend you and your partner need to sit down, relax and discuss how you are going to achieve your goals. Speak about saving a certain amount of your salary each month or even approach a credit union or a bank. When you've your budget set out, you can always get creative and bring certain must-haves to life using your DIY skills. We'll give you an example, you can create your own candy cart, create your own centrepieces and even cut up your own confetti! You'd be surprised just how much your guests will appreciate the effort and personal touch.

This area of your wedding planning is all about discussion and compromise. You might be really adamant on your dream venue or photographer, in that case you can discuss what you would be willing to scale back on such as invitations or flowers. It’s really up to you as a couple, let your budget be guided by your priorities and ensure you both get what you want.

When you start your initial wedding planning don’t be scared by the price of everything. Wedding bills can rack up super quick so it’s important to have a little 10% 'rainy day' fund. This can ease the panic for any unforeseen events which may arise down the tracks.

The most important part is to enjoy it all, even the more mundane parts. If you want to make your wedding day extra special make sure to download the PictionUs app and purchase our wedding package to be able to collect all the pictures & videos captured by your guests.

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