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The legal bit

The legal stuff isn’t fun and can be time consuming but there are a million and one things to plan when you’re getting married so they all become a useless if you haven’t got the legal requirements sorted. In order for your marriage to be valid, there are three conditions to satisfy. Stay with us...

  1. You must have the capacity to get married. Although it might sound silly, you have to over the age of 18 (or if you're under 18 you must have the permission of the circuit family court or high court). And you can’t be in a marriage or civil partnership already.

  2. You must be able to consent to the marriage. Certain individuals with intellectual disabilities or mental illness are not legally able to consent in Ireland.

  3. You must give three month’s notice of your intention to marry. This must be done in person by appointment, with your local registrar. You both must be available to attend. When giving your notice you’ll need:

  • Both your passports, PPS numbers and birth certificates. If necessary, you'll also need divorce decrees or death notices of your previous spouse.

  • If you’re not an Irish citizen, you'll need an apostille stamp form the relevant embassy on your birth certificate (everywhere except Denmark, Italy, France, Belgium and Latvia) and evidence of immigration status. You may also be asked to provide a Certificate of Freedom to Marry to confirm your civil status from your home country. If any of your documents aren’t in English or Irish, you’ll need a certified English Translation.

You’ll need to inform the registrar whether you will have a civil, secular or a religious ceremony, the intended date & location, and the names & dates of birth of your two witnesses. This can be done by completing and providing the HSE's Capture of Data form.

Once this has been done you'll need sign a declaration that there’s no lawful reason why you can’t get married, there is a notification fee of €200. If there are no legal impediments they will issue our marriage registration for, which is the authorization to go ahead. Bring this from on your wedding day as you’ll both be signing it, along with your solemner. It should then be returned to the registrar’s office within 30 days. Following that, your marriage will be legally registered. You can then purchase a marriage certificate from any civil registration office for 20 euro.

Tedious reading we know but once you've gotten the legal bit checked off you can enjoy planning the rest of your big day. if you need a hand check out our 12 month wedding to do list!

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