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What is PictionUs?

PictionUs is a platform where wedding parties can come together and create collaborated photo albums from their special day. Everyone gets added to an album and can instantly upload photographs and videos with ease.


Why partner with PictionUs?

If you're a wedding photographer or wedding planner and are looking to get a step ahead, this is it. Your clients can purchase one wedding album that they can share with an unlimited number of their guest and get access to all the candid photos & videos from their big day. 

How Does It Work?

PictionUs is a photo sharing app tailored specifically for weddings. If you're a wedding photographer and are looking for a gap in the market, this is it. Your client can purchase one wedding album that they can share with an unlimited number of guest's and access all candid photos & videos form their big day. Click below to learn more or message us on linkedIn

In just 3 steps your client and their guests will have access to lifelong memories:
1.    Wedding guests download the PictionUs app
2.    Scan the provided unique QR code
3.    Start uploading photos and videos from the day

How does your client purchase a wedding album?

At the wedding you'll have gone over a checklist with your client, so they'll be sure to have high quality photos. But, what about the candid photos  from their wedding day you can't capture? Using PictionUs they can easily collect the photos their friends and families have taken with your recommendation.





Download the PictionUs app on Apple or Google Play Store

Select the shopping cart icon at the bottom. Choose our Wedding Package album & fill in your details

Once the album’s created, we’ll provide you with a unique QR code

Customise the album and share your QR code with guests to get quick and easy access

Our current partners

Picture Perfect Photography

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Partner with PictionUs

Interested in partnering with PictionUs or just want to find out more? Contact us via the form below or get in touch directly.

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